Omega 3 - the natural way
Our fish are rich in polyunsaturated Fettsäuren.Bereits is known that Omega - 3 fatty acids prevent heart attack and stroke. They regulate blood pressure and keep it at an optimal level. Furthermore, there is scientific evidence that they also protect against Alzheimer's disease and depression, reduce cholesterol, relieve inflammatory diseases such as arthritis , psoriasis, eczema and strengthen the immune system , also rain Omega -3 fatty acids on the metabolism.

Omega -3 fatty acids are particularly found in oily fish such as : salmon, tuna , mackerel , herring, halibut.

High-quality protein

Fish is healthy caused by an es
pecially easily digestible meat by the very low proportion of connective tissue. Salmonids , such as char , trout and salmon contain 20 % high-quality , easily digestible protein , which quickly passes without a lot of effort into the blood, where it is needed . Therefore, the consumption of fish does not stress the body does not get tired , but the same fit again. Our fish contain the full spectrum of essential , ie live notweniger amino acids, which itself can not make up our body.

Fish is lactose-free , for example, Fresh fish , smoked fish , Bismarck herring , herring fillet, Bratrollmops.

Fish is gluten-free , for example, Fresh fish, Räuchrefisch , Bismarck herring , herring fillet.

Fish makes you happy!

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